More than proofreading: Four steps to final editing of a text

If you start with the academic writing, this raises the production process often are abundant simple : sit down, Literature procure, reading, writing text, proofreading, print them from. Under ’proofreading’ is often only the improvement of spelling and grammar, perhaps even understood by formulations.

The revision process begins when I poured all the contents in a raw text. The text at this point is often still plenty bumpy,’higgledy-piggledy”. In order to organize it and to smooth, I go in four steps:

Completeness: Is the substance of the text completely, I have placed everything important ?

Consistency / consistency : Do I contradict myself somewhere or give my statements a logical structure ?

Coherent sequence and transitions : Are all the parts in the correct order ? Do I need to restructure the outline again possibly ? Leite I mean good reader from one part to the next ?

Language and Formal : for example, Sentence structure, wording, spelling, punctuation, formatting, checking of references.

Four eyes see… known to more than two. In the student life there is but rarely someone who can stand in as a comprehensive measure aside and expertise brings. Expertise is not always absolutely necessary, unless you need simultaneously a technical and substantive review.

For this counteracts the four-eyes principle of operation blindness that almost inevitably arises when one is a long time, possibly concerned under great pressure and very intense with a very specific topic. So if you can secure a willing friend as a reader, should do that necessarily.